My Reading Policies & Ethics


Once you have paid for your reading, and I have received an email from you with your inquiry, and date of birth, I guarantee your reading to you within 7 days.

  • I request that all seekers provide me with some background information. Given that tarot is a tool that I use to help you make tangible changes in your life, trying to read your future cold is not what I am in this for, but rather to help guide you spiritually.
  • If you change your mind, that’s okay! Let me know as soon as possible, prior to receiving the reading, and I can issue a refund. Once the reading has been sent, I cannot issue a refund.
  • I do not issue refunds for completed readings, whether the insight is desirable, or not. Tarot will challenge you, and what comes up, may not be what you are ready or willing to hear at this time. Despite that discomfort, I cannot issue a refund if you don’t like what the reading said. You move into a reading saying you are ready for the message the universe has to give.
  • I do use oracle decks, and may add a card into your reading if I feel inclined.Ā 
  • My policies on readings are always, at any time, subject to change.


  • Questions about health, pregnancy, mental health, and legal matters need to be directed to the appropriate professional, I am not here to offer advice on any of those matters through readings. Please help me, help you, by respecting this and finding the appropriate professional.
  • I will not read for people under the age of 18.Ā  Please do not purchase a reading if you are under 18. If at any point in the reading, I find that you are a minor, I retain the right to end the reading immediately, and give you a full refund.
  • Tarot is a tool for guidance, not for absolute direction. My readings are for thoughtful introspection, so that you can decide where to go next, but they are never, at any point meant to be direct instructions for how to live your life. Any action you take after a reading, is your choice alone.
  • The privacy of my clients is of utmost importance. Everything said between us in a reading, is private and will be kept in sacred space.
  • I reserve the right to follow my intuition during all readings. If at any time, I feel the reading has crossed into an area that I am not comfortable with, I will terminate the reading and offer you a refund. This also applies to feeling that I am not the appropriate reader for you.
  • I do not do readings to communicate with the deceased, I am willing however, to give you guidance in honoring your family traditions through your own personal ancestor work.Ā 
  • I do not read directly for a third-party, so please do not purchase a reading for another person without their knowledge. We may see the energy of another person present in your reading, however, all readings return to a focus of how you can navigate your own energy and life in regards to others who come up.
  • I do not claim to be a psychic. We might see trajectories, but I cannot see your future, as all futures are based in the choices you make for yourself.